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About Us

The Ochre Gold Story

The Ochre Gold story began over 20 years ago as a vision to create a sustainable agricultural production on our farming enterprise and has evolved into both that as well as producing a range of natural and quality emu oil products to benefit the consumer.

Ochre Gold is a family run business and thus has as it’s mission to produce high quality products at affordable prices. The qualifications of the owners of Ochre Gold are that they have a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and a Diploma of Farm Management and therefore have an extensive knowledge and most importantly a passion for primary production and the marketing of the resulting products. To help put back into the industry we have been on the executive of the South Australian Emu Farmers Association as well as being on the steering committee for implementing the Code of Practice for Emu Farming in South Australia.

Ochre Gold is proud to announce that it is now a Club Sponsor of S.A. Panters F.C. one of the leading Soccer/Footall clubs in South Austalia. Go the Panthers!